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When it comes to proof of identity there’s nothing better than a government approved document. When you’re in Mexico the most important document for you will be the Curp y Rfc card because it is this identification information that is used at all government offices and all other places to prove who you are. It automatically collates all your information and stores it on the card. Each person has their own identification number which can be used to prove their existence. If you want to learn more about these cards and their importance in Mexico then you really need to check with the consultants who can help you to make them.

While these cards are really essential for identification, they are also considered strong prove and this is required in every government formality that you need to fulfill. You even need the card in order to enroll your child in school.

CURP is one of the best ways for the Mexican government to keep a tab on the millions of residents and citizens of Mexico. There are a number of government offices where CURP is mandatory to submit. Every citizen has to submit their CURP code in order to avail of the government facilities. This means that you cannot do anything without the government coming to know about it.

There are a few countries where corruption is at an all time high. With the introduction of CURP, the Mexican government has reduced the risk of corruption in Mexico. The CURP card also helps with providing the residents with subsidies and this enables them to live a healthy life even if they fall below the poverty line. This is a great initiative by the Mexican government to help reduce the dependency on third party employers and benefit the citizens of Mexico.

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