What makes a Bad Blender?

While all of us may be used to reading nothing but the good sides when it comes to reviews on various electronic appliances, one of the things we should never fail to consider would have to be the common downsides there are to blenders. Despite the fact that most of the brands of blender my home appliance talks about are of good quality, there are some disadvantages to owning certain brands you have to consider, making sure that these do not outweigh the advantages.

Plastic or Glass?

There are disadvantages to both plastic and glass containers. In the case of the former, these are known to harbor bad bacteria, especially if it does not get washed properly. Apart from this, plastic is also known to absorb colors of whatever it is that’s being blended, and thus causing stains which are more or less permanent. For the latter, on the other hand, mishandling, slips, and falls would most definitely cause it to break. Moreover, glass materials are known to be heavier and bulkier than plastic, hence making it a hassle to bring from place to place.

Power Rating

Power of blenders are measured through watts. Having said that, the higher the watts, then the more powerful the blender is. If you’re using the blender for smoothies, marinades, and salad dressings only, then a mere 350 watts would already be enough. One of the downsides of a low wattage rating, however, is that it severely limits the ways in which you can control the speed of the blade. Moreover, lower ratings would most definitely not suffice when it comes to crushing harder ingredients, such as nuts and ice, as doing so in low wattage ratings would most definitely cause the motor to fail and the blades be damaged.

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