Why Use the OSRS Map

The OSRS map has the names of mountains, lakes islands, cities, kingdoms, caves, dungeons, rivers, towns and other geographic features and information icons for certain buildings, starting points of quests and locations. It also contains black areas on the map that specify the area is unidentified. The OSRS map may be more practical to use than the map given in game as it requires the player to open another interface and discontinuing what they are currently doing. The map can be found in the OSRS website. There are many reasons why you should use the OSRS map.

Benefits of Using the OSRS Map

One of the reasons to use the OSRS map is its convenience. Since you are required to open a new interface and stop what you’re doing, it may be easier and more convenient to use the OSRS map than the one provided in game. There are cases when you may not be able to use the map such as when you are in a hazardous area like the wilderness or when you are fighting. The online map can also be used to plan the most convenient journeys in between locations or to study possible directions to your destination.

The OSRS map is faithfully the same as the map that is given in the game as well as in the Wallpapers and Downloads part of the game’s official website. The official world map needs to be used for underground areas like dungeons as the online map only gives you a view of the surface world. The OSRS map gives a coordinate locator that can help you find the locations of treasures.

These are only some of the benefits of using the OSRS map. If you want to make the most of your game, use the map.

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