That 70s Show Must To Watch

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Today’s summary is about That 70’s show. This show is about 6 friends who are in high school and as the seasons progress they move out to college. Their lives are portrayed well in the seasons. You will be surprised at the excellent comic timing which is never missed. The show is considered to be the one that start the culture of “burns”, which means figuratively hurting someone about a matter which they are sensitive about. And Michael Kelso is considered to be the one who started the trend.

The kind of relationship that Eric shares with his father is a reflection of most of the guys we see in our daily lives. He spares no chance of being the sarcastic son every father despises. Nonetheless, Eric remains, to this date, the favourite of all the youngsters for his comic timing and his sarcasm.

This show is based on the stories of these kids, who live in Wisconsin in the 1970’s. It gives us a taste of what life was like in those days. However, don’t take their word for it, the show is only aiming at giving us the vague idea. Each day as the crew grows old, they are met with new challenges to resolve and new partners to date. From moving on from one partner to finding new part time jobs, the show gives us every single details of their lives.

The show is also known to have given us brilliant actors and actresses who now rule the red carpets and the world of Hollywood. Mila Kunis, who played the role of Jackie, was not only the on-show girlfriend of Michael Kelso, played by Ashton Kutcher, but they are together in real life!

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