The Celebrity Net Worth of a Rapping Star

Music industry is one of the most appreciated industries worldwide. Is it because music is said to be food to the soul? I cannot tell. Anyway, there are numerous slots one could prefer if they decided to venture in music. You go with what suits you best. Whether rock, reggae, hip hop, blues, classics or pop music, it is an independent choice on how you do it. It is clear that when you make the right decisions as a musician in the music industry, your career is destined to go far than you could imagine. This is evident by the following star that has made it in his field;

Snoop Dogg; he surely has much on his plate as he is a rapper, singer, actor and song writer. He has been in this career for over 25 years. Since that time is long enough and his career has been successful, this obviously means that this celebrity net worth is enormous. He became very popular from his first album called Doggystyle which topped the Billboard 200 and Billboard top R&B and hip hop charts. He has had over a million albums which he has released and sold internationally.

Snoops net worth; his enormous net worth has been contributed to by various factors. Snoop was featured in films such as “Murder Was the Case”. He was also a star in “The Wrecking Crew” which was a horror movie and also “Bones” which was based on hip hop. His first album a four times platinum rating while the second had a two times platinum. This was a major contribution to his net worth. He later released several studio albums that highly paid off. His net worth increased immensely when he hosted some shows like the “Doggy Fizzle Televizzle”, “Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood” and “Dogg after Dark.” His net worth is $ 150 million.

Though he has been smoking cannabis almost all his life as it is said it is a cure for his constant migraines, this star is adored by many.

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