Most Useful Zinus Mattress Review

The Zinus mattress is among the most popular memory foam mattresses today. Read this Zinus mattress review and learn more about this product.


One of the best things about Zinus mattresses is that they’re very affordable. It also has a lot of positive reviews.  Zinus mattresses have a pure memory foam feel, but you can also find hybrid and springs options.

Firmness and Feel

There are various Zinus mattresses to suit various feel and firmness preferences. These mattresses have a slow reaction time, a common feature for a memory foam mattress. Zinus mattresses are the average firmness option. If you are a stomach or side sleeper, you may want to get a firmer or softer mattress.


Zinus mattresses have different foam layers of varying thicknesses. You will find options with a top comfort layer, transition layer and base layer. Some mattresses have a 3″ top comfort layer, 2″ transition layer and 3.5″base layer. If you want to determine its durability, you should look at the memory foam’s density. While a memory foam mattress may not last a lifetime, you can still benefit from it. You may need to replace the mattress every 5 to 10 years, but it should be fine considering its affordable price.

Just like other products, there are also some things that you may not like about Zinus mattresses. If you want a luxury mattress, you may need to look for other options. If you are willing to pay more, you will get something better. Zinus also has a short trial period, only 30 days. Other options are offered with free refunds for a longer period of time such as 100 days. However, these other options are usually two times more expensive than Zinus mattresses. If you don’t mind the short trial period, you can definitely take advantage of the affordable prices of these mattresses.

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