Trendy RimWorld Mods

A lot of games nowadays offer all sorts of mods from the practical ones that you might not live without, the fancy ones that don’t really offer practical features but are great to look at and the ones that follow certain trends just for the fun of it. RimWorlds mods are no stranger to these and players simply love to try all the cool mods available. A great mod that follows quite the trend is the RimWorld Mods Zombie Apocalypse mod. Yes, zombies have taken over our imaginations, the film industry and of course the world of gaming.

RimWorld Zombie Apocalypse

The developer of this mod was sick and tires of the same old enemies just given a makeover and new clothes alongside names, so he added zombies to the mix. Zombies in this world are mindless attackers; they don’t care if they’re faced with your allies or enemies because they will still attack. Just like what we see in movies, a zombie’s bite is infectious; so if colonists fall victim to a zombie’s teeth you will be alerted. But the colonist will slowly die and revive as a zombie the moment that they’re dead. Zombies are about 20% slower than colonists or any other enemy for that matter.

Players can easily keep track of the zombies’ origin by reading their name. A zombie that came from the zombie horde will have the name ‘Zombie.’ On the other hand, if the zombie was a member of your colony then their name will appear as ‘Zombie [Name].’ Take note that zombies usually attack in huge numbers and the hordes immediately attack without mercy. Zombie stragglers will surely be left behind, so you’re forced to get out of your base and deal with the zombies after the first wave of attack is over.

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