Scottish Power: Basic Facts

Whichever country you are in, energy, which could be obtained through gas or electricity means is one of the necessities, which is so important that basically, no modern country just can’t seem to do without. The United Kingdom, specifically Scotland is no exception. ScottishPower is one of the leading providers of energy in Scotland, specifically Natural Gas and Energy.

If you have concerns, and would want to have electricity connected to your home in Scotland, then scottish power contact numbers are found on their website. Below are some of the facts you might not have known about ScottishPower.

Basic Facts

ScottishPower is a fairly new company which started in 1990, and is a Subsidiary type. It is an electricity generation, distribution, transmission, and relating company based in Glasgow, Scotland. Its main products are natural gas and electricity, and is one of the biggest companies of its type in the whole of UK, with a revenue of 5,446.1 million pounds as of 2006, with an operating income of 869.7 million, and a net income of 507.7 million. They currently have 9,953 employees, and its parent company is Iberdrola. Apart from its operations in the UK, it also owns PPM Energy, which is situated in the United States.


The operations of ScottishPower revolve around three aspects, specifically Energy Networks, Energy Retail, and Energy Wholesale. For power generation, the company gets its power from 9 Power Stations, each of which have a different source of fuel, which includes gas, pumped storage, hydroelectricity, and wind, with the current largest source being the Damhead Creek Power Station which provides 793 MW. Just recently, 2 of its power stations have closed, with the Inverkid Oil-Powered Power Station closing in 2013 after being demolished, and the Coal-Powered Longannet Power Station, which closed in 2016.

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