Four Tips on Choosing a Heat Press Machine

Nowadays, all hand crafted designs can also be manipulated by the machines due to the technological advancement of the most countries. In the field of printing businesses, especially on the trends of t-shirt printing, personal mug designs, or even personal designed ID cords, are being processed and transferred by and through the machines – and they are mostly likely called the Heat Press Machines. But how to choose a best heat press machine? Here are four tips how:

  1. It should be automatic. On choosing the beast heat press machine, it really should be automatic for which you have to deal with different people from day to day basis, and you will most likely compete with other people who has the same business you have. And having an automatic heat press machine will give you less time on labor and productions than using a manual one.
  1. It should be a drawer type. Unlike from the other heat press machines, which there are no drawers, it most likely cause disturbances when processing a product, and machines that has a drawer type will enables you to lower the platen to avoid contact from the heating element of the upper platen and this will also help you maintaining the heat-free environment of your workplace.
  1. It should have a digital timer and temperature controller. In manual heat press machines, mostly it’s self-time operated on which in some cases, it causes a bad quality on the product that you are expecting but if your machine has a digital timer and temperature controller, it enables you to maintain a quality and good services on the costumers.
  2. It should have an even heat/even pressure. Because in some heat press machines that do not have any even heat or pressure, it will most likely be damaged on the long run especially if it won’t be handle with care. And this kind of feature also gives you an idea on when to produce products who has different color definitions.
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