Toenail Fungus Treatment FAQs

Toenail fungus is a pain and a social stigma. That’s why whoever gets it, looks for an immediate toenail fungus treatment. But wait, before you opt for a treatment, here are some basics FAQs to go through.

What is toenail fungus?

It is the type of infection that happens with dermatophyte fungus invades the surface of the nail. It is not the same as jock itch or athlete’s foot, however.

Does scraping or debridement help against the infection?

Scraping and debridement are procedures done to expose and remove the infection from the nail. The nail is cut and filed in order to get rid of the infection. After this, the toenail fungus remedies effectively reach the nail and it starts healing.

Is missing a treatment harmful?

Missing a treatment can be harmful as it promotes the infection to come back again. Remember one thing, not all the fungus can be eliminated in one treatment. You have to keep on carrying it on to completely get rid of the fungus. If you miss a treatment, it will give more room for the fungus to grow and reach other parts of the feet too.

How can I be sure the growing nail won’t be infected?

Once you have successfully removed the fungus from your nail, the next thing to worry about is if the infection will come back again or the newly growing nail won’t be infected. The only way to ensure this is to carry on the treatment and keep your nails and feet clean. Also, make sure they are dry and you wear clean socks and shoes. Even pushing back the cuticles or cutting their sides make your nails vulnerable to the infection.

Yes, that means those pedicures and manicures are not good for you. Keep on using essential oils to condition your nails and you will be happy with the results.

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