Pizzelle Irons: What are they?

In the world of pasty and culinary, one of the most popular items for use in cooking would most definitely have to be the Pizzelle Iron. As the name suggests, these Pizzelle Irons are used in order for you to cook the Pizzelle, which is a traditional waffle cookie, and is native to Italy. This has, however, caught the attention of foreign countries, with the best pizzelle iron being something that is greatly sought for, in order for you to make your own of these waffle cookies in the comfort of your very own home. What are these Pizzelle Irons, anyway? 

Pizzelle and Waffles

Given that Pizzelles are just Italan versions of waffles, with the batter being made in an identical set of ingredients, specifically flour, sugar, eggs, butter, sugar, vegetable oil, and in certain instances, flavorings such as anise, vanilla, and even lemon zest. Just like waffles, the degree of doneness could vary according to personal preference, where some would want it chewy and soft, with some wanting it to be harder and crisper, which could be achieved by either changing the quantity of ingredients, rolling the uncooked dough thinner, or cooking it a little longer.

Pizzelle Irons vs. Waffle Makers

One of the key features of Pizzelle Irons that make them different from that of Waffle irons would most definitely have to be the pattern. Unlike the grid pattern which is prevalent among various waffle makers, the Pizzelle Irons have other patterns, which include floral ones with 6 petals, etc. Just like waffle makers, they also come in various dimensions.

Features of a Pizzelle Maker

Through the years, several variations for Pizzelle Makers have been made. Some of these include being one with an aluminum finish, a non-stick coating, made of cast iron, made of aluminum, with some having 2 patterns and some having more than that.

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