Answering the Question: Is Medical Marijuana Legal in Illinois?

Cannabis has been making loud noises in the field of medicine these past years. Especially with all the outstanding discoveries ruled out by researches, legalization of marijuana followed up in numerous countries and states. And it is medical marijuana legal in Illinois, thus you can have legal prescription from your physician with it.

Is Medical Marijuana Really Legal in Illinois?

Medical usage of cannabis is indeed legal in Illinois and in some other American states. This is because marijuana was proven to be a good treatment for various types of diseases, including serious illnesses like cancer and HIV. Another good thing about medical marijuana is the fact that it doesn’t cause over dosage, thus making it safer compared to other common drugs and medications.

However, certain rulings and prohibitions are imposed regarding the usage of medical marijuana. You cannot just simply buy it for you to use. Even if you already have your doctor’s prescription with you, you can still be charged when caught having weeds.

What you have to do is to first ask a prescription from your doctor, and ask for a recommendation note for using medical marijuana. Bring such requirements for you to register yourself under the states, thus having legal permission for you to use cannabis in medical purposes. You just have to remember that you can only use cannabis for medical reasons, as some other usage like recreational and selling is still strictly prohibited in Illinois.

Some other variations of the medical marijuana legalization currently exist on other states. You can read more about them, but you should know more about why is medical marijuana legal in Illinois if you’re here. This could surely help you to address your medical issues, thus ensuring you of a better treatment for your health. Have yourself registered now!

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