5 Exclusive Wedding Photographers In Toronto – Toronto Wedding Photographer

Toronto is one of the most populous places in Canada as well as the most beautiful, so this is no wonder that most of the big shot photographers in Canada are based in Toronto. Here are 5 Toronto wedding photographer that have made a big splash in the industry.

  1. Ben Kane Photography

Ben Kane took his passion for photography to a new level, specializing in weddings as a professional cinematographer. The award winning photographer inculcates all aspect of filming in providing outstanding imagery.

  1. Knorth Photography

She started her photography career early and has carved out a niche for herself in the image production industry. Known for her scintillating photography, she has earned numerous awards for her magnificent contributions to photography. She is an award winning Toronto wedding photographer and a prestigious member of the Wedding Photo-journalism Association.

  1. Divine method photography

With the goal to create timeless images, Siva Haran of captures eccentric and absolutely rare images that captures the beauty of every event and provokes emotion in every piece. His style of photography storifies images, creating stunning moments that tells a tale of romance and all other categories. Siva is a member of Fearless Photographers and an award winning image champion.

  1. Brent Foster Photography

The photojournalist started his career with TIME Magazine and the New York Times, specializing in fashion, style and wedding photography. He quickly made name in the industry, becoming a renowned member of Fearless Photographers and an award winning photojournalist. His works are displayed on top wedding magazines.

  1. Banga Studios

The banga studios have a history which dates back to 1989; this family business came to life in Toronto and has since then captured precious and priceless moments. The award winning CEO Gurminder is widely known for his timeless contributions to photography.