Labradoodle Land- Guardian Breeding Program

Are you a Labradors lover? If yes then you must hear about labradoodle. This is a place where you can easily buy a very famous breed Labrador. If we talk about the sizes of labradoodle then this bread comes in three sizes such as miniature, medium and the larger once. They are very attractive and quite expensive. You will get a puppy of different colors from Labradoodle land such as blue, apricot, chalk, red, gold and the most attractive is phantom. In order to grab more information about their services, you can read the reviews of pervious buyers who purchase a puppy from them.     

Process for purchasing your puppy

The will easily ship the puppy throughout the Auckland, New Zealand in a safe manner. Many people made their mind in order to purchase their dogs. Therefore, firstly they need to decide the sharp time of welcome their puppy. Then, put an email to the labradoodle via their contact page. Consequently, they will send their forms to complete the process. Due to this form, they will take the detail in order to provide your best puppies according to the situation and lifestyle. As you know that, the demand for Labrador is too high so people have to wait for some time.

Customers will add to the waiting lists and when they get to know about the pregnancy then they automatically contact their customers. In addition to this, you need to deposit $ 500.00 in order to hold the puppy and make sure this deposit is non-refundable. Even this amount automatically deducted from the total purchase amount. When a bitch gives birth to puppies then experts of labradoodle commence the puppy. They check gender and color of puppy. They will finalize their puppy 6-7 weeks and they assess temperament, due to this every puppy is able to spend its whole life with any family.

Some Facts About The Honey Badger

The great outdoors could indeed, be home to a lot of animals, some of which we have not even actually discovered yet. Having said that, there are several note-worthy animals which could be abundantly found, with one of these being the Honey Badger. This is because it has a lot of traits which indeed, stand out in terms of their physical appearance, as well as its characteristics and abilities which could possibly leave you scratching your heads. Having said that, here is a more specific look as to some of the features of honey badgers.


What makes these Honey Badgers unique is the fact that they are the only species which belongs to its Genus, specifically, the genus Mellivora, with it being put under the Melinae subfamily for badgers, despite the fact that other species that belong to this subfamily do not share that many similarities. First traces of the said species was said to appear during the Pliocene period, located in Asia. As of 2005, there are a dozen subspecies of the Honey Badger that have been identified, with the primary indicator being the back color and the size.


The breeding season for these Honey Badgers takes place in May, with a gestation period lasting for 6 months. Their habitat is usually found in holes they dig themselves, with each holes being 1-3 meters deep. They are known for being both strong and fierce, given that they attack just about any animal whenever possible, even deterring lions.

Food Intake

Unlike other animal species, the Honey Badger has a diet which is not as specialized. Having said that they are omnivores and could get their food either through hunting birds, their eggs, and even what young lions get to kill. Their diet could also consist of roots, bulbs, and berries for vegetables and fruits.

Here’s Why You Need Dog Fencing

There are a number of pet owners who always look for ways to keep their pets within a certain area of the house and if you happen to be one such person then the most effective way to do so is to install a pet fence. There are a number of different pet fences available in the market but investing in the traditional dog fences is always the best alternative.

You don’t want to electrocute your dog or hurt the pet in any way because this is not a humane way to train your dog. Once you install a fence your pet will soon learn to stay out of the areas that he is not allowed to get into. If you are looking to purchase some of the best pet fences then always take your time and check out the best options available online. It is always a good idea to install these fences when your pet is young because it is easy for your pet to get used to it when small.

One of the best things about a dog fence is you will be able to bond with your dog in a better manner. Most people would love for their dog to stay in the house all day however the dog would create a huge mess in various parts of the house. This is where the backyard and a dog fence play a huge part. You can build a strong and sturdy dog fence in your backyard and your dog will be there enjoying and playing around all day long. It would not matter what kind of mess the dog makes in the back yard because it would be the dogs very own playground. It also helps increase the bond between the dog and the owner because the owner can now freely play and interact with the dog irrespective of how naughty the dog is.