Effective Ways To Hack Facebook Accounts

Being one of the biggest social media websites in the world, Facebook has been targeted by numerous hackers for various reasons. We all know that Facebook accounts contain a treasure trove of personal information from the simplest details to financial data. Many of you are wondering how to hack a Facebook account without prior experience or the typical hacker skills but there are ways.

Installing a Keylogger

Keylogger is a program you shouldn’t be intimidated of, essentially it records every keyboard stroke made by the user on keyboards. All the while, the user is unaware of anything being recorded. The only major catch is that the software has to be downloaded and installed manually on the device of the person being targeted. Afterwards, the hacking is the easy part; keylogger automatically records all keystrokes regardless of what they’re doing on the device. Another feature, when activated, sends detailed reports of the victim’s keystrokes; the reports are sent to your personal email. A similar program would be the hardware keylogger which works exactly like the earlier version but it requires installation on the victim’s computer. All keystrokes are saved into the USB, do keep in mind that keylogger only saves information; you can’t retrieve information that’s not entered.

Phishing for the Facebook Account

Compared to other methods, Phishing is the trickier option but it’s still a preferred method by many. Various phishing techniques are available but the most common involves creating a fake login page for Facebook. Send the fake page through email, it looks exactly like the actual Facebook page. If they login through the link that you sent, you’ll receive all the entered information within seconds. The difficult part would be creating the fake page as well as the hosting account, but afterwards it’s smooth sailing.