Email Analytics and Email Metrics

Email campaigns usually goes only two ways, either it’s successful or it’s not. As a person or an entity that aims to spread their brand on numerous platforms, it’s a great advertisement or campaign if done effectively. Email analytics helps on one hand helps the owners draw up conclusions as to who actually pays attention to their emails and usually what time of the day. At first it might not seem like a big deal but these factors aid in improving the email campaign. Marketers should take into account certain metrics in their email report like the clickthrough rate.

Clickthrough Rate

Basically, the clickthrough rate is the overall percentage of the recipients who actually clicked the links features in the email that you sent out; the formula generally divides the number of unique clicks or the total click by the number of emails delivered before multiplying the answer by a hundred. Clickthrough rate or CTR is the initial answer that you’ll receive when you ask email marketers the question ‘what metrics do you track?’ The clickthrough rate is also called the day-to-day email metric since it quickly calculates the overall performance of each and every email that you sent in your campaign. From the moment that the initial feedback is received, tracking the CTR will be a breeze.

CTR is also common way to determine the outcome of A/B tests since these particular tests were designed to find new and effective ways to earn more clicks from the emails. Clickthrough rate is an important metric that should definitely be tracked by all email marketers. It offers direct insight into the sheer number of people engaged in your list as well as who among them are actually interested with the content and who plans to know more about the product or service you offer.