Gatwick Airport Shifts To Latest IT Network With HPE And Its Subsidiary Aruba

The second largest airport in the UK received more than just the ever-increasing number of passengers. Gatwick airport has upgraded its IT network to make it more resilient and improve its performance and efficiency. This feat was seamlessly achieved with the help of Hewlett Packard enterprise and their leading subsidiary, Aruba. Amongst the various upgrades, IPTVs (for e.g. upmaker) can now be streamed in high definition with great efficiency.

What are some of the other improvements and upgrades?

With changes in technology and new data capability of the Gatwick airport, the following have been added to the list of services available to passengers and on-site businesses:

  • The latest technology of the Internet of things has been added to the list which will employ the use of sensors to collect a variety of data. This data will be used for helping in the smooth functioning of the airport and will aid in improving other services.
  • The ability to operate CCTV services in high definition and also to view IPTV in great quality has been added. IPTVs such as upmaker can now be streamed effortlessly with the increased capacity of the IT network systems.
  • The Wi-Fi available to passengers will offer a boosted speed for fast downloading and streaming.
  • Facial recognition services have been introduced to identify late-running passengers and strengthen security.
  • Passenger flow data will be analyzed to identify queues and other areas to improve overall performance. This will be achieved through smartphone locations or heat mapping.
  • Dependable Wi-Fi services are introduced so that it is easier for the airlines to reconcile luggage with passengers.

These are some of the upgrades enlisted and they only provide scope for more. The work was completed within half of the stipulated time and without disrupting any service. Definitely, new technology such as live streaming of IPTV like the upmaker will create a difference and improve the overall experience of airline passengers.