No, Taylor Swift Isn’t Losing Her Mind!

Taylor Swift Speak Now Concert at Heinz Field[/caption]In the recent weeks one particular music artist has dominated charts around the world. Of course, we’re talking about the one and only Taylor Swift.
She recently released two new singles and the internet has collectively gone wild with it. Those that support her are voicing their praise. Those that abhor her are letting their sentiments known. However, at the end of the day, they’re all still talking about her.
The recent releases were a lot different from the songs that she was previously known for. She first started being a country darling then jumped to pop. Now, she’s trying something a bit more edgy while throwing out a lot of shade as supposed enemies.
People have started to wonder if she has lost her mind by doing so.
She’s showing Her Shrewd Marketing Decisions

When you’re a celebrity and an artist, the last thing you don’t want is people NOT talking about you. Taylor Swift capitalized on the fact that people were so interested in her feuds and kept fanning those flames. While not calling people out, she leaves enough hints so that people get the picture. It’s smart because everyone will know who she’s talking about without landing herself in any legal trouble.
At the same time, the simmering anger that you hear in her new singles are proof that she embraces her feelings and turns them into something she can use. By being number 1 and 2 in every music chart possible, she is proving to the world that she is a very powerful artist. She has a large following and she uses this to her advantage.
Taylor Swift isn’t going anywhere and she isn’t losing her mind. If anything she’s proving to everyone how savvy she in about her brand and how to maximize her impact.
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