Pick-Up Vietnam Visa For Indian Passprt On Arrival

You don’t have to waste too much time and effort in processing your Vietnam visa for Indian passprt now. You can even save more money by choosing the new method too. All you have to do is to your application through online transaction, and you can just pick-up your Vietnam visa upon arrival. Basically applying for visa without leaving your home or office!

Applying Vietnam Visa for Indian Passprt Available for Pick-up

You just have to secure your passport first, and you can simply slide through few simple steps. Just open up your browser, then type vietnamvisa.govt.vn on the address bar. Locate the online application form, and start filling it up. Be sure to supply details as shown in your Indian passport to avoid problems.

Your visa will immediately be processed right after you submit your details together with your payment. In just 2 business days, you will receive the approval letter in your email. This also includes your entry form to Vietnam. Print-out all the files and fill-up the form. Prepare these documents together with your passport and 2 4cm by 6cm passport photos.

Upon arriving at one of the 3 Vietnam international airports, present the requirements mentioned above. Pay the stamping fee, and you can now have your Vietnam visa stamped on your passport! This is one of the reasons why you must keep one whole page in your passport because the visa stamp is a sticker with the size of a passport page.

It’s really convenient to have Vietnam visa for Indian passprt for you to simply pick-up. You just have to make sure you would apply for one within 6 months’ prior your arrival at Vietnam, and don’t forget to read through the rules and regulations regarding Vietnam visa. This way, you can have a smooth processing of your visa application, and an enjoyable travel without worries.