Police Officers Save Scared Deer Trapped Between Fences In Ohio

A fun-filled day turned out to be quite a nightmarish experience for a poor wild deer.

The animal was playing around Bay Village area when she chanced upon a series of deer fences. Fence jumping is quite common among deer and may be this wild beauty has done it a number of times before. But this time she decided to try a little adventure. Little did she know it will end being a lesson of lifetime for her!

So, what did she do? Well, the moment she saw the deer fence, she got excited and thought of a different plan other than jumping. Instead of plunging out, the wild deer tried to squeeze her body in between two railings and simply got stuck. It could be that she estimated to slip through easily but she it would be better had she been little more thoughtful about the idea.

It was a relief that the local people soon took notice and immediately contacted the Police Department of Bay Village. The cops soon rushed to the scene to rescue the trapped deer the moment they received the call. However, they certainly had no idea that they would be called to rescue a deer. They even posted a status on Facebook –“Officers didn’t expect this.”

As per the reports, the entire body of the deer was wedged badly in semi-upright position. It seemed when the hind legs could not squeeze through, she struggled to climb up with front legs and that got stuck too. The poor animal was helpless and waiting for help when the police came.

Thankfully, after the cops came, it was a very straightforward rescue that didn’t take much time. The officials knew what had to be done. They moved the fence and panicked animal immediately sprinted out into the nearby woods.