The Sony Alpha A6500: A Closer Look

If you’re not really fond of large, DSLR cameras, but would still want to capture high-quality images, then one of the best cameras that you can get is the Sony Alpha a6500. For a more diverse options with the said camera, lenses for a6500 come in different sizes, from 16 to 50 mm, 16 to 70 mm, 18 to 105 mm, and 18 to 135 mm, with the best lens depending on your subject. With that said, let’s have a closer look at the Sony Alpha a6500 and the things that it can do.

4D Focus

Not just 3D, but 4D. This focus system is one of the most powerful one for the Sony Alpha series, thanks to the 425 points for phase detection which are al embedded on the chip. There also are 169 contrast-detection areas that will allow you to precisely capture details for events that happen in a fraction of a second, 0.05 seconds to be exact. The system allows for a lot of focusing functions, which are great for refined accuracy. To even step this accuracy up, you can also focus on the eyes, thanks to Eye AF, which can be found in both AF-C and AF-S modes. To complement this function, it also comes with a Peaking MF function if you want to do the focus manually.

UHD 4K Video Recording

For film makers, this is a great film, thanks to the fact that it comes with UHD 4k compatibility. It also has 20 MP of resolution, and is also capable of a Full 1080p HD recording with a 120 fps rating. There are various other video recording features, such as changing the frame rate, having a slow-motion movie recording feature, as well as being able to capture stills of 8 MP while recording of video is ongoing.