The Leading Provider Of Industrial Equipment For Mining

Industrial equipment is an incredibly wide category on itself; from big equipment like ball mills to your everyday hand tools like drills and everything in between belong under the industrial equipment category. Mining equipment also fall under the industrial equipment category and the leading company that manufactures them would be Industrial Equipment Manufacturing or IEM. Quality heavy-duty bulk-material equipment by IEM has reached the various corners of the world.

IEM Bulk-Material Handling Equipment

Requirements set out for mining operations and the corresponding equipment can be strict and challenging. Thus, the bulk-material handling equipment manufactured by IEM is specifically engineered to pass heavy-duty standards. Only high quality materials are used in production; because of the quality of materials, the life expectancy of the equipment is maximized and the need for repairs is dramatically reduced. Just one proof of their excellence in manufacturing and design regarding equipment is the ISO -9001:2008-certified design and manufacturing title that they earned.

Heavy-Duty Conveyors and Feeders

All the bulk handling equipment manufactured by IEM was designed to perform at their best even when faced with extreme environments. Because of the durability of the equipment, they’re able to resist wear and tear as well as other maintenance and repairs. Clients can even order customized conveyors and feeders for their specific needs. IEM feeders are mainly used in feeding the belt conveyors at a specified rated. The selection for speed is done by controlling the variable speed feeder drive.

Feeder drives comes in two types, the electromechanical or hydraulic type, both types make use of VPD for the speed control. Conveyors at IEM meet and even exceed all the CEMA design parameters alongside specified operating condition that reflects by the design. The belt conveyors available at IEM are the high-lift conveyors, bucket conveyors, chain conveyors and screw conveyors.