What Turns The Plagiarism Issues Trivial Now

It is recognized that a research topic deemed worthwhile is given priority, so it is up to the trainers to propose topics of interest to the students. In addition, the author recommends to teachers to know the different forms that plagiarism can take, the downloading of a work, the purchase of a work, the copy-pasted without quoting or without referring.

The other three recommendations are to educate students about plagiarism, to discuss the merits of recognizing their sources, and to educate students about the penalties they may face for infractions. You need the right plagiarism software for this task now.


The second strategy is to do prevention by making specific and unique work requirements. Thus, it will be more difficult to obtain a copy externally.


In third place comes detection, where we suggest ways to identify if there is plagiarism. For each of these strategies, recommendations are presented that, while not always as clear as might be desired, have the merit of offering several examples of ways to reduce plagiarism.

A question of culture

It is known that education is a means of prevention against plagiarism that has a certain effectiveness. The National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts, published the results of a plagiarism research project in January 2010, based on 1,200 graduate student jobs in 28 humanities courses in one year.

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The assumption that students educated in plagiarism would plagiarize less proved. Indeed, student work was all submitted to the detection software and those students who had received training in plagiarism had a higher originality rate than those in the control group, which had not received any training.

However, one can think that learning the rules of quotation is no longer enough in a world where information flows and is transformed as never before. The websites disappear, the contents are modified, and the URLs change. The benchmarks we had from the time the information was printed are upset.