Weed Legal States

Marijuana, commonly referred to as weed, pot, is a plant which is so potent that it induces a form of “high” when ingested. Some people prefer to smoke marijuana by wrapping the dried leaves while some prefer to brew them as tea or make edible meals with them. Whatever form the marijuana takes it renders the same feeling and this is what drives the demand.

What makes this plant so special? Why the buzz? Marijuana contains chemicals that act instantly upon ingestion or smoking. The substance goes into the body and heads straight for the nervous system where it delivers and instantaneous feeling of euphoria and an extremely high sense of perception. Emotions are heightened and it helps with relaxation. This feeling is addictive and most people end up needing more, this leads to an increase in daily demand.

More people are beginning to use marijuana. This is seen through statistics of sales and increased planting and production of marijuana in various countries. America is one of the countries that have partly adopted the legalization of recreational smoking of marijuana as legal in some of its states. This is an important transition as this would change productivity greatly. Marijuana users are likely to gravitate to locations where they can indulge religiously in their cravings without the risk of legal consequences. The legalization of marijuana has also impacted greatly on the economy positively as more plants are grown, harvested, processed and distributed. These distributors pay their taxes and the revenues are massive. America is looking to legalize marijuana in more states as this would greatly add to the country’s economy.

Various states have adopted the legalization of weed smoking; these weed legal states are;

Nevada, Massachusetts, Arizona, Florida, California, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Maine, Washington, Colorado, Alaska, District of Columbia and Oregon.